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Fiocchi Premium High Antimony Lead 12 ga 2.75" 1 oz 8 Shot 25Box
Product ID89311 ∴
ManufacturerFiocchi Ammunition
DescriptionThe Fiocchi line of Premium Target Loads is designed specifically for competitive shooters.The unmistakable "Purple" Target Load is the offspring of a 50-year tradition of supporting the world of trap, skeet and now sporting clays, FITASC and Compaq. Fiocchi has the best of two worlds in their Premium Target Load range: The Italian tradition of excelling in primed hulls and wads, and the American's unmatched reliability in shot and powders. Fiocchi Premium Target Loads...an explosive cocktail that will bing a winning smile to many competitors' lips.
DepartmentAmmo › Shotgun
Gauge12 Gauge
Ounces1 oz
Shot Size8
Muzzle Velocity1250 fps
Rounds per box25 Rounds Per Box, 10 Boxes Per Case
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